nate marriner

lead pastor

I feel like I was put on this earth to point people to Jesus and to lead in His church. I'm in it for life at Peak City. I even deleted my LinkedIn page. =) I'm passionate about my family, people far from God, the Bible, music, motorcycles, snowboarding, hunting, traveling the globe, good food, good coffee, and good books. Also - Tarheels, Washington Football Team, Orioles, Hurricanes, Wimbledon.

Mitch cartrette

next generation pastor

jon headley

creative arts pastor

austin mathews

ministry resident


leading people to new life in jesus christ





Reaching people That are Far From God, Growing Disciple-Makers, Sending the church into their Purpose

The beliefs we hold about the Bible, Salvation, Man, Jesus and more are firmly rooted in scripture and inform all of our decisions.
Our values keep us clearly focused to be able to reach the mission and vision that we have received from Jesus. 
  • Jesus Is The Center
  • It's Not About Me
  • We Do Less So We Can Do More
  • We Swing For The Fences
  • We're In It Together
  • We Live Generously
  • We Multiply